Andrew G. Hadden: President

Andrew G. Hadden is a minister with a unique calling and background. When God first called Andrew, he warned he would be “tried as by fire.” Later God used someone to tell him he had a special calling. Decades ago, Andrew had an intense desire for God’s manifest presence and his voice. Above all else, that is what he desired. One day he felt God calling him aside to pray alone. In that time, Andrew expressed his desire by saying, “Lord, I want to walk in your courts.” God answered by asking if he was willing to place much on the altar and face affliction. Andrew consented to all that God asked.

Some years later, God sent Andrew to pray privately with a minister from another continent. That man had a vision and went on and on about what God wanted to give him and the great cost to receive it. He said God wanted his permission to go through what he had to go through to receive it. Even with repeated warnings of the great cost, Andrew wanted to obey God, not because he ever wanted what God offered, but because he wanted to obey God, and please God, and walk fully in His will, and did not want to cast aside the twenty years of cost he had already invested in his obedience to God in his calling. Much greater trial and loss ensued, but it drove Andrew into greater and greater commitment to prayer, and obedience to all that God asked as he prayed. Andrew’s mode of ministry became, “Listen to God. Do what He says,” a walk of being attuned to God at all times and walking fully in obedience, within the bounds of scripture.

The commitment to walk fully in obedience, in a special calling, and the trials that ensued, resulted in a long and varied path of preparation for Andrew. When God called him, he already had a degree in management, with math and science minors. He had intended to get a master’s in business administration, but abandoned that idea when he attended Bible college in response to his calling. But then the academic dean encouraged him to get that degree as well as a master’s degree in Bible from the denominational seminary. Andrew took that advice as from the Lord. Those degrees were completed, but not without interruptions to work in the business world and provide for his family and accommodate the desires of others. In the business world he was on the corporate comptroller’s staff of a major international oil company, in corporate planning for a leading international freight company, and a consultant for a computer consulting firm. Andrew has also served as an associate pastor, a youth pastor, and as a department head at the headquarters of a large Pentecostal denomination for twelve years. Andrew now sees most of that time as having him be a servant of, and advisor to, leaders, in both business and the Church. Andrew was also used in prayer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (per 1 Corinthians 12 and 14, and the Book of Acts) at the prayer center he founded, in many churches over many years, and at the denominational headquarters.

Andrew founded this ministry corporation in 2004 and used it to open a prayer ministry that also mentored people in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The ministry also helped people with inner healing and deliverance. After the ministry shifted from being primarily a prayer center more to a preaching and traveling ministry, the name was prayerfully changed to its current name. In recent years, Andrew was called aside to a long season of prayer, revelation, study of the Bible, and writing, in relative seclusion. He has had articles on prayer and spiritual warfare and the gifts of the Holy Spirit published and is in the process of writing books. He and his wife also have been ministering informally, at intervals, to various pastors and churches. The sacrifice of the recent season was preparation for the new season of ministry.

Amber Hadden:

Over a decade ago, the cry of Amber’s heart became to know God on a deeper level and to know his heart. God intervened in her life and took her on a journey, including walking through inner healing from some of the worst wounds imaginable. In the process, God gave her a heart for the wounded, as she faced much personal pain. She was also learning about the heart of God, some of which can be difficult to walk through. When Christ says in scripture to take up your cross and follow him, she took that to heart and gave up much in obedience to what he asked. She is a woman of prayer and a full-time mom whose ultimate desire is to know God, and to be his friend. She is writing a book about her testimony, to be released in God’s time. She has an art degree from a Christian university and has done ministry as a youth volunteer, worked as a live-in house parent for behavioral teenage girls, and helped alongside Andrew at the prayer ministry he founded. She has a passion for worship, and for seeing people fall in love with God, but also desires to see them discover the love he has for them. She is an artist who seeks to express God’s heart and draw people to him, through her art.